Veterinarians in Taiping & Kamunting

Taiping residents love their pets. This post lists veterinarians in Taiping and neighboring Kamunting. There are a total of five (5) veterinary clinics located in Taiping and Kamunting; one is a government facility, and the remaining 4 are all private clinics.


Larut, Matang & Selama District Veterinary Services Office

  • Government-funded veterinary clinic
  • Several pet health programs are available
  • Relatively low costs compared to private vet clinics
  • Plenty of parking spaces
  • Treatment for livestock available
  • Neutering only performed for males

Klinik Haiwan Kamunting

  • Private practice veterinarian
  • One veterinarian – Dr. Ooi Seng Sing
  • Located close to the Kamunting Maybank
  • Parking may be a bit difficult due to Maybank customers – advisable to park a bit further and walk, or have someone drop you and your pet off at the clinic




Taiping Animal Clinic

  • Private veterinary clinic
  • Quite possibly the most senior veterinarian in Taiping and Kamunting, with the oldest clinic
  • One veterinarian – Dr. Fathi Rosary Rajan
  • Parking is a bit difficult due to it being in a busy area of town. Advisable to park along Jalan Panglima Ah Chong or Jalan Chung Thye Phin and walk a little to the clinic (about 50m or so in distance).

Maxwell Animal Clinic (Klinik Haiwan Maxwell)

  • Private veterinary clinic
  • 3 veterinarians – Dr. Ong, Dr. Moo, and Dr. Azmi. Multiple veterinary technicians.
  • The busiest veterinary clinic in Taiping.
  • There are lots of parking spaces close by, but due to the volume of pet patients and their owners that frequent the clinic, spaces close to the clinic may be hard to come by. If traveling with a large pet, it would be advisable to drop the pet off at the clinic’s doorstep with a guardian while looking for a parking bay.
  • Larger dogs are usually requested to wait outside due to limited space in the clinic lobby.




Lake View Animal Clinic

  • Private veterinary clinic
  • One veterinarian – Dr. Chan Lee Suan. Multiple veterinary technicians
  • Parking close to the clinic may be a bit difficult. Best to park along Susur Istana Larut Business Park 3 (near the 99 Speedmart) and walk to the clinic (a distance of less than 50m)
  • Afternoons are usually reserved for appointments, so best to call ahead to inquire about the doctor’s availability

Lake View Animal Clinic

  • Private veterinary clinic
  • The newest veterinary clinic in Taiping
  • One veterinarian – Dr. Athirah, formerly of Maxwell Animal Clinic. Multiple veterinary technicians
  • Lots of parking space available
  • The only veterinarian in Taiping and Kamunting open on Sundays.